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Born: Thousands upon thousands of years ago.
Age: Unknown
Height: Varies according to tempermant
Weight: See Above
Birthplace: The planet Pu-C
Occupation: Bassist/ creator of Suggestion

For Alin, Planet Pu- C had always been home. Millions upon millions of years of evolution had led his race to unequaled genius, thus the Pu-C's knowledge of technology and science was unparalleled. However, the energy their ever expanding minds required shriveled their physical bodies to nearly useless proportions; the typical Pu-C stood only three and a half feet tall and weighed but 50 pounds. Alin sought to use his incredible array of knowledge to solve his species only true weakness, therefore modifying his incredibly evolved race into an unstoppable combination of nature and science.

Alin knew the consequences of experimentation on his own kind- he was all too aware of the ethical and moral ideals that the Pu- C's held in such high regard, and yet hewas blinded by the prospect of success and immortality. Determined to free his planets populace of what he deemed its only disfigurement, Alin's malevolent testing began. He placed his subjects in large glass globes, noting the affects of his experimentation on each subject. Some looked intact and unchanged; the majority, however, became abominations. These creatures, riddled with sores, gigantic appendages, and in one case two heads, cried out to Alin to end their suffering.

Finding the exact changes that needed to be made to the DNA of the common Pu-C , Alin made himself his next test subject. The growth was excruciating- bone, muscle, and other tissue rapidly expanded within his feeble shell. His mind screamed as bone ripped through what was once his skin. His very psyche felt as if it were aflame.

After recovering from his metamorphosis, Alin stood nearly six feet tall and weighed close to 300 pounds. His success, however, was short lived. Due to his continued use of testing on living creatures, Alin had become a pariah in the very society he longed to advance. Unable to execute him, the Pu C's exiled Alin from his home world. Traveling the galaxies in search of purpose, Alin met an untold amount of civilizations; all had, however, reminded him of the Pu- Cs by which he had been shunned.

Alin had no intention of reaching Earth. He had observed mankind and deemed us primitive beings unworthy of his attention. However, what they lacked in logic, Alin soon found out they more than made up for in creativity. Throughout his entire lifetime, Alin had never met a single civilization who created a single piece of art; there was after all, no tangible point in doing so and therefore completely illogical, yet...

He connected with it. Racked with anger and the occasional twinge of regret, Alin identified with humanity and its present condition. However, Alin could not live much longer with his turbulent emotions locked away. His once impeccable body began to deteriorate with no apparent cause; no physical malady or pathogens could be found. Alin soon found himself out of breath merely from walking from room to room; within weeks, he could not even stand. This once proud and immortal Pu-C lay withering in Earth's orbit and, for once in his incredible life, faced the prospect of death. This realization humbled Alin; so much so, that he lost any ill will towards humanity. On his deathbed, he decided to replicate a piece of his favorite human art form, which was music.

As soon as Alin had picked up what humans called a "guitar" he immediately felt a surge of life run through his withered green hands. He felt each note in his body and in his very consciousness and realized his body had begun to heal itself. Apparently, Alin's mental capabilities were so strong that, when in a state of emotional turmoil, his body simply deteriorated. Music provided an outlet for his troubled psyche and, like a drug addict, he needed more. Alin realized the more anger and passion he put into his artform, the less he felt in his conscious. With this revelation, Alin began towork on creating something with enough intelligence and creativity to help Alin on his endeavor, yet primal enough to tap into the buried trench of human strife that lies within the psyche of all mankind.