Frank Wolfman:
Age: 52
Birthplace: The outskirts of Tampa (supposedly)
Height: 5' 9"
Weight: 180 lbs.
Occupation: Drummer/ Attorney

Frank Wolfman had battled the chorus of voices rattling his head like a tempest since he was a child. These voices, which called to him in a single, unified speech, crawled inside the shadow of his psyche, poisoning the very fabric of his consciousness and soul. He knew all too well what his affliction transformed him into; he was, after all, a member of the Wolfman family. His ancestors before him had also suffered from the same sickness; that is until the last branch of their sanity broke from the weight of their own fear. He was the last; he was the only remaining Wolfman.

Frank, however, possessed a certain personality trait not found in others of the Wolfman family. This trait had led men to overcome seemingly impossiblle lengths and unspeakable lows- he possessed the same trait which enabled mankind to reach the stars and observe the atoms; the same trait which leads man's vicious cycle continually killing it's own kind without remorse. He craved power, and this yearning grew like hellfire.

Wolfman was, by day, the most notorious lawyer to ever practice law. His days in court began like many of his colleagues; that is until he went in for the metaphorical kill. Nothing satiated Franks hunger more fully and intensely than when he looked into the defendants eyes, knowing full well that he decided this mans fate who sat in the seat facing his own. This was, in fact, the only reason he had ever made it through law school- he had no desire to champion the good in a failing justice system or to help those in dire need. His command over law, however, simultaneously delighted and infuriated him- he loved wielding the power of the courts as his own, and yet he wanted, no, needed, more power than what this legal system could provide.

The monotony of routine soon settled in; condemning the guilty was far too easy. The culprits always left some kind of evidence or link back that lied either in an evidence bag or the perpetrators story. The innocent, however, posed a challenge; if Frank was aware of a defendant's innocence, he considered it a trial against their destiny. If he could condemn the innocent with the ease and speed he fated the guilty, he had, in his mind, achieved ultimate power. However, as the voices grew in power once more (it sounded as if there were thousands) he turned into what he and his family had all feared the most.

He found his new form, of course, to be a terrifying burden; it had, after all, driven his entire family insane and suicidal until only he remained. Despite all his cunning and intelligence, Frank had yet to find a way to control his murderous impulses; the voice that called for the kill in the courts now wanted blood on the streets. Frank soon learned that no one could defeat fate (especially not in a legal system), and while collecting his "trophies" (which, in essence, were newspaper clippings of reported sightings of his alternate form) his eye caught an ad in the Help Wanted section. It called for help controlling a strange beast (the ad was not specific) and called for both physical and mental strength, persistence, and an open mind.