Age: Unknown, even to himself
Height: 6' 4"
Weight: Uknown, as he is shy about giving out sensitive info
Occupation: Guitarist/ Protege of King Bong
Averages 14 RBI's per game

Deciphering GrundleGarth Berklevish's past is quite an ordeal- the man himself recalls only hazy still frames, imprinted on his mind like a faded Polaroid. For you see, immortality and amnesia have made Grundlegarth quite an enigma of nature. The lonely hours before his discovery is where the legend of GrundleGarth begins.

At the end of a fairly profitable night, King Bong received a request from a dedicated and wholly addicted customer. Desperate for a fix, his client begged the King to drop off his heroin to an undisclosed location, promising to pay double if the King was to hurry. Bong, rarely one to home deliver his product, decided to oblige to this man's wishes for he was never fool enough to deny such a profitable transaction. Arriving at a horrid, syringe laden beach which wreaked of something like despair and piss, The King searched for his loyal customer. He was nowhere to be found; something was amiss.

Determined to acquire some kind of reimbursement for this copious waste of time, the King wandered the desolate beach, searching with no avail. After nearly giving up his search, he began to see a dark figure materialize from seemingly nowhere. Surely this approaching silhouette was the only other living being within miles of their location; the cries of the seagulls and even the raucous crickets had been absent ever since King Bong's arrival. He was not surprised- he seemed to have that effect on the world's general populace.

As this dark silhouette approached, King Bong's keen eyes began registering a face of which he had never seen or could even imagine. It looked somewhat like the missing link between Bong's ancestors and the current human population. Its scowling face was covered in dripping red warpaint and ancient, tattered clothing. However haggard and distraught this "man" may have looked, the creature stood his ground and approached the King. After discovering that this fearsome looking creature knew as much about himself as Bong did, the King asked for his name. Whispering almost inaudibly, this creature absently muttered, "GrundleGarth... Grundlegarth Berklevish." With this, he collapsed into deep unconsciousness.

Words cannot express the confusion and surprise GrundleGarth experienced upon his awakening; roomed in the medical bay of Alin's ship, Frank, Alin, and King Bong had gathered in the newcomers room for inspection and assesment. At the sight of Alin's face and gigantic stature, GrundleGarth lashed out at the enhanced Pu-C and it subsequently took the combined efforts of both Frank Wolfman and King Bong to restrain this furious and mysterious stranger. After calming sufficiently to think of his situation, he began to speak of what little he actually knew...

In the years following his awakening, GrundleGarth has become somewhat of a protege to King Bong. He continues to instruct Berklevish not only in the ways of the guitar, but also the lessons needed to survive in the urban jungle.