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King Bong:

Age: 32? Gorilla years are different than human years
Height: 6 ft.
Weight: 250 lbs
Occupation: Guitarist/ pimp/ drug dealer
Birthplace: Aboard Alin's ship

In order to create an ideal being with superior intelligence and untouched savagery, Alin began studying mankind's evolutionary roots. Unsatisfied with his numerous attempts on human DNA, Alin looked to our genetic cousins, the Great Apes. As Alin watched two silverback gorillas vying for the title of alpha male in a savage display of brutality, the exiled alien knew he had found his next and perhaps greatest test subject. He was correct- after imbuing a gorilla's fetus with his own DNA, Alin watched and waited as his test subject grew into what we now know as King Bong.

Naming his creation Bong (which was a traditional name for inhabitants of planet Pu-C) Alin treated his new creation as if it were his own son; he had not, however, forgotten his primary objective in making the half Pu-C/ half simian hybrid. Alin laid dozens of odd and bizarre instruments of his own creation on the floor of his ship, waiting for Bong to crawl to the one he preferred. Lost in thought at the potential of his progeny, he failed to notice the swift babies escape from the room of his birth. 

Bong crawled into his father's private quarters and gazed upon an oddly shaped wooden carving. He immediately felt an intense attraction to the object . The young hybrid was pulled towards the object by a seemingly irresistible force, and crawled  ever nearer to this new found desire. As his hand reached out to touch the shiny cables running down the length of the object, he heard an ungodly scream emanate from his creator.  

Unmoved by Alin's raging objections, Bong chose his creators weapon of choice.Due to his hybrid symian/ Pu-C DNA, Bong quickly mastered the guitar with ease. However, he soon grew bored of the sterile halls of Alins ship and demanded to be brought to Earth. Alin first denied this request, but eventually gave into his sons incessant demands and flew the young gorilla to Earth. Unshakable in his resolve, Bong demanded to live here and to take up permanent residence among its inhabitants. Growing fearful of his creation, Alin decided to oblige.

Life wasn't easy for a half Pu-C/ half simian gorilla; when Bong approached the general populace, the weak ran in fear and the foolish took up arms. Bong's mental health slipped as he tried and failed time and time again to find any friendship amongst the humans. Alin grew to know terror in the embodiment Bong's tantrums that raged inside his ship. Fearing for his son's mental being and his own personal safety, Alin had no one to turn to. He had, after all, been exiled from his own civilization. So he turned to the place where humans go when there is no one left to help or to turn to- the Help Wanted section of the newspaper. Little did he know that his ad would be seen by the infamous Frank Wolfman.

Coming upon Alin's dwelling, Frank heard shrieks of sheer terror emanating from the address given in the newspaper. Frank had not known why his eye had caught the ad, still did not know why he was there or what he had even expected, but the screams from inside the mansion struck a note with Wolfman. "My kind of people," he muttered under his breath.

Just before reaching the handle to the massive front entrance, the door burst open and the source of the shrieks had been discovered. The man that stood before Frank was massive. Or rather, was. Half his flesh was missing, and the other half clung to his frame like a tattered flag adorning a battlefield. This man took a brief look at the young attorney and fled for the remainder of his life.

What frank had not seen due to the massive obstruction of what he now deemed Hercules was now eyeing him from the other side of the long hall. It appeared to be a gorilla of some sort, but he didn't need to smell it to tell that this one was different. For one, it was wearing clothing. Wolfman reasoned that this was common for eccentric owners of such exotic animals. Frank thought he would make a fine collection to his own gang; yes, a gorilla in a zoot suit! How fuckin hilarious would that be? How fuckin fash...

"Who the fuck are you?"

The simian demanded to know why Wolfman was there, in his fathers house. The gorilla actually spoke. Even asked him a question, and, for once, Frank Wolfman, Attorney at Law, decided to tell the truth.

" I... I don't know." Observing from above, Alin stepped onto the floor where Wolfman and Bong were now sizing one another up. He knew that if anyone could handle his son, it would have to be Frank Wolfman, Attorney at Law.

Frank brought Bong to the Wolfmans favorite and only nighttime hangout, the local ghetto. Frank had discovered that this was the only place he could go to without having the cops called on him and hoped that his new companion wouldn't cause his luck to change. Lost in his own thoughts, Frank failed to notice King Crimson, the local drug runner and pimp. In the hierarchy of criminal masterminds, King Crimson was two notches below the common jay walker. What he lacked in intelligence, however, he more than made up for in sheer brutality.

Frank had never made a deliberate attempt to avoid King Crimson and by doing so had become a prime target on the criminal's hit list. The King, however, knew of the danger and futility in trying to kill the Wolfman. Yet his companion, which looked like a man wearing some type of mask, could be hurt and would be killed. After sending his legions of men after the duo, the dealer realized the second man was really no man at all; he was a drug dealin' ape.

After finishing with the King's men, Wolfman and Bong turned toward the boss himself. Bong pounced upon the unfortunately dim witted drug dealer and made his first kill. Seizing the man's crown, coat, and title, the simian dubbed himself the new ruler of the streets. Thus, King Bong was born.

Teenage Days