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Suggestion Needs New Members 

KB and I are looking for new members for Suggestion. We dont care if youre a singer, a guitarist, a bassist, a keyboardist, sitarist, whatever; if youve ever wondered what it would be like to share the stage with us, nows your chance. You can e mail us as many sumbission videos, recordings, etc, as youd like; the more entertaining and creative they are, the better your chance. If you think you might know anyone suited for the task, send us an e mail too! You can do this by clicking the Contact Us section up top.


4/20 extension 

Were extending the 4/20 special through the next couple of days. This means that you can listen to our whole for free and download half of what you just heard for free, too. Dont take too long to download though...we arent extending this for long.

Also, if you ordered off Kickstarter and recieved a download code that didnt do shit, send us a message and  we'll get it straightened out. We also need your addresses so we can ship out the physical copies!



In celebration of 4/20, we decided to team up with 20wt and Florida Green and put together a free compilation! The catch is that its only available for free today @

We also decided to stream ALL of the songs off our new album, All for Nathan?, for free on our site wide music player as well as making 6 of our songs free to download! Check out the Buy Our Shit section and scroll down to the album... half of them will be free!

Happy 4 20!


New Music Streaming 

We just added another couple songs to the streaming player below. There are also a couple of songs that we have up for free in our "Buy Our Shit" section, so if you like what you hear, download the free songs now because they wont be up forever!


New Album and New Members 

So youre listening to some of our music on the website and wondering why it sounds so different from the other music before.  Well, we just finished peicing together our first full length album, All for Nathan. This LP is the culmination of three long years of hard work, perseverance, and absolute insanity. 

I have to personally thank everyone who pre ordered this album off of Kickstarter; without the help of our fans, family, and crew, this never would have happened. We thoroughly appreciate all of the help that we have recieved from everyone interested and involved in the world of Suggestion.

However, these past few months have not been good to Suggestion- the album was nearly cancelled due to a horrible injury suffered by our bassist, Alin. Our guitarist, GrundleGarth, decided to part ways with the group after Alin's tragic accident. The crew has also been fragmented by these internal issues. However, Suggestion is not over. We are just beginning.

We are now looking for another guitarist or musician in general- if you think you or anyone you know has what it takes to make it in Suggestion, contact us through this website or send us a youtube video or something. Who knows, you could become famous, just like us.



The last two days to pre order our upcoming album are upon us. We have TWO DAYS LEFT before our pre order hub @ closes. If youve been waiting to get yourself a copy, this is it!

Once again, the link is

Also, we got some new Suggestions for Suggestion up.


Pre Order the Album! 

Hey guys,

We teamed up with for album pre orders! We got all kinds of cool packages which include shirts, signed prints, and even digital downloads of our upcoming album. Check it out at

We need to raise at least $5,000 to meet our goal, or we get nothing. You can even donate a dollar....every bit helps!

Frank and the Suggestion Crew

Recording has begun! 

Studio work for our first upcoming album has begun! Me and Grundlegarth have been busting some serious ass over at Casey Grillo's studio...the songs are tracked, but there is a lot of editing to do. We will be realeasing tons of new info on this album soon.

Were also heading up to Jacksonville early next month to finish up the album with our friends from 20Wt ( Guitar, bass and vocal tracks will be recorded up there, and hopefully we can fnish up the production and all of the post production shit up there. We will release a few tracks when we get them finished...keep coming back to the site for more information.



We havent updated this page in a while, and theres a reason- weve been working on getting studio time booked and the album completed. Weve come a long way, and we got even longer to go. Expect a cd/dvd combo and tons of new artwork and merch. Weve been listening and working hard to give you, the fans, what you want. If you still have any comments or suggestions, please, PLEASE use the Suggestions for Suggestion part of this website. We read all of them, and we love to see what you guys are thinking.

Were also thinking about pre orders for the album- 10 dollars will get you the album and free entry to the cd release show. We have a bunch of other packages were working on...let us know if you would be interested.