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So, youre wondering what a Suggestions for Suggestion page is about. Well, we want your feedback, and were making it as easy and hilarious as possible. Simply type what you want us to see, and, if its worthy of our attention (and those who frequent the site), it'll be posted in this section. Get to it!
Here they are, your Suggestions for Suggestion. Do not hesitate to write in, unless you're a dick or not entertaining. S.f.S stands for Suggestions for Suggestion, and this is usually followed by a response (in case you couldnt tell).
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  • stop being so awsome... youre making me jealous :(
Sorry... cant help it!
  • You should have Anthony Weiner join your band.
He was in the band until he realized i hacked his twitter account.

...i mean
... what a pervert

  • Can pucey suck a golf ball through a straw?
Ive seen him such a basketball through a coffee straw
  • whatever grundle, i know you stole the cookies
If they were Otis Spunkmeyer then yes. YES HE DID!

then he quit the band

  • Kill the President of the United States of America... Kill the President of the United States of America...
  • i mean, everything else is straight, man.
Seriously? After all that, you have the audacity to come to MY website and say everything else is straight? what the fuck? seriously?
no. Everything is NOT straight. come to MY shed one of these days
and try to say that shitYou know what i do all day? i sit in MY shed
with MY gun and i wait... i wait for you to come to my door. I wait for you to fuck with me.

  • Get a new vocalist.
For real.... I can't stand that fucking guy


  • How are the leaves you have? No, what the fuck are YOU talking about.
  • I just ass fucked my girl to your music while wearing a gorilla mask. She screams for you! Busting a nut during Power of Suggestion in her mouth!


Its nice to see that our fans are real gentlemen. I highly respect a man who demonstrates such chivalry. You sir, are kind of man many should strive to be.

  • have a jam session on acid and record it

  • i am the fastest dog
Slow and steady wins the race, pup

  • Just copped this strain called Wolfman, made me think of yall. Whats good on the album?
I just tried this new strain called Bud Dwyer..... It blew my mind!
And everythings good on the album.... its on our site! it should actually be playing as we speak


  • Get a Twitter page already!


  • Come to England one day! We have crumpets, Essix and a guitarist! He's called Guthrie! Don't listen to Wales! All they have is sheep a hill and really long words.

What the fuck is a crumpet!?
i want one!

  • James Labrie from Dream Theater joined a christian rock band. You now have more of my respect than Dream Theater does. Theres only 2 kinds of ok christian music and that's gospel and baroque/romantic corals. KEEP IT FUCKING REAL PLEASE THAT'S MY SUGGESTION AND MORE MANLY SHOTS!
What else would you expect from abuncha nerds?
  • This band is nothing short of pathetic. And before you jump to conclusions. Someone in my class at school is on this site i just happen to type in the url to flame this failed, and indeed. Epicly failed website.Costumes? Really, its not appealing at all to the public. you might wanna do what cky did. make videos and hope people like you. and in your case, Not gunna happen.
First of all, if you're judging a band solely on how they look then YOU are nothing short of pathetic. The content of your submission has absolutey nothing to do with anything music related, which as a band is what we're really all about. You also say that we're "not at all appealing to the public". That's really funny because we're a local band with only a 5 song EP and a website; which is obviously appealing not only to your classmates who are visiting our site, but to you because you're the one who submitted something into Suggestions for Suggestion. Not only are you extremely ignorant, but you have worse grammar and punctuation than a guitar playing, drug dealing ape. Maybe you should start listening in class instead of visiting my website. It might help you out, but  you seem like you know everything.

________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________Nice logo steal. Queerbaits.

Carnifex...really? You think we stole our logo from those guys? I fuckin drew the first draft of the logo myself using MALEVOLENT CREATIONS logo as a template...before you accuse us of anything stealing shit, get your facts straight.

  • what type of weed do you guys like to smoke?

The kind that drug dealers sell.... you should call your local drug dealer and ask for some

  • How many guitars does KB have? And what types?

I got an Ibanez Iceman IC400, another ibanez with a roland guitar synth attached, and an acoustic made by a company called CORT... yea ive never heard of CORT either.
  • Why do you have to dress up to get attention?

ya know... we got a lot of shit goin on right now, and all you have to ask us about is our fashon sense. i dont know the website for Esquire but im sure that site suits you much better than this one does. you can probably google it or somethin.... now get the hell outa here.....
  • Any furture plans for king bong to fit into a pair of skinny jeans he would look mighty sexy
We actually plan on selling out and becoming a hardcore band. its gonna be all about karate kicks, gay ass dances, and skinny jeans. thats what hardcores all about right?

  • What is Pucey Moneyshots offense that caused him to be a sex offender?
Man, what hasnt that guy done? Judges accept sexual favors, too; thats the only reason hes not behind bars for life.



Shit, someone found out that we copied all of GWAR's music and re labeled it! We actually re made the song Maggots into just gotta listen really, really carefully.

On that note, if you put King Bongs face next to Oderus', theyre nearly identical! Put the pics back to back and see for yourself!

  • Ello.I suggest that every one of you pulls of a heist so the album can launch faster.Just make sure you hit a bank and not a library.
I suggest yall start just sending us money...... then we wouldnt even need to come out with the album! ha!
  • Are you looking for a Micheal Jackson impressonator? I think me and Moneyshot can be gooood pals. TEEHEE!
We actully just hired one we found off the black eBay
  • Can Wolfman's girlfriend turn wolf too? And then can I babysit the puppies and secretly sell them on the black eBay?
No to your first question...... No to your second question.... and what the fuck is wrong with you?

  • how soon could you guys come by my house and eat my dick?
depends on how well you can cook, faggot
  • howd KB get so sexy?
Youd be surprised what glasses on the brim of a nose can do for ya
  • hey ass holes what if i show you MY fucking dick?
I could have sworn you were a hermaphrodite
  • you remembered the eggs, right? oh and where does frank get his crepe pans seasoned?
...... eh. I forgot the eggs. my bad, dude. i forgot to write a list so the eggs just completly slipped my mind. im so sorry. but to answer your other question, I'm pretty sure Frank gets his crepe pans seasoned at 50th and Fletcher.  I might be wrong but im 93% sure thats where he does that.
  • Yo, to all of you, I have a suggestion: keep kickin' so much ass!
Thats the flavor!
  • Everyone's got influences! What are some of yours, Music Group?
I will gather the harvest of influences and let you know...

Now that i have succesfully gathered such information, my findings will be reflected in the following:

Frank- Muse and Aggressive Inline Skating
King Bong- Glasses on the Brim of a Nose
Alin- He said himself, fucking prick
Me, you ask?-
the supposed superhuman that combines Tonya Harding with Cory Matthews


  • One day when the world is'nt s fucking stupid suggestion will make millions. and buy all the beer and PCP they could ever want. Josama!!
We already buy all the beer and PCP we could ever want, and were all broke! Maybe thats why were all broke...I got to look into that.