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Band Biography:

Suggestion was once a musical entity cloaked in secrecy and misconceptions. Unable to find peace on his home planet of Pu- C, Alin, the current bassist of Suggestion, sought to create a musical group capable of fulfilling his own daunting expectations. Unable to find adequate musicianship among the human race, he turned to creating his own vocalist and future guitarist- and thus King Bong was born.

Through twists of fate and a little bit of luck, Frank Wolfman, a lawyer turned werewolf with an insatiable bloodlust, and GrundleGarth Berkelevish, a near immortal/ amnesiac, joined forces with the duo. Dubbing themself "Suggestion," the group remained in the shadows for nearly two years, silently yet diligently creating the music and sound heard today. It was King Bong's idea to officialy come out to the public, yet his requests fell on the deaf ears of Alin and Grundlegarth- they were not yet ready to experience the world, let alone perform their art on stage. However, the gorilla pimp's persistence paid off, as they are now actively playing around Florida and recording.

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King Bong


Frank Wolfman